Cowee School is a great venue for indoor and outdoor activities. 


It plays host to a Summer Concert SeriesCommunity Garden, Commercial Kitchen and other rooms like the Gym and Cafeteria which are available for you to rent. 


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Within the School

Many organizations are affiliated with, and located within, Cowee School:

Cowee Community Development Organization (CCDO):


Cowee Textiles
Theresa Bouchonnet, 828-349-3878,


Portrait Legacies

Cynthia Kinard, 828-524-9454,


Cherokee Room

Stacy Guffey,


Farmers Market

Susan Ervin,, 828-524-8369
Website (



Genealogy and Local Research Room

Gloria Owenby,


Macon County Historical Society

Richard Shook,


Houglum Fine Art
John Houglum, 828-369-7274 or 828-371-0076


Cowee Pottery School
Maria Greene, 770-668-6366,