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Become a Member

Do you love the events at Cowee School? Do you participate in Summer Concerts, the Farmer's Market, and other classes and offerings? Become a sustainable donor by Becoming a Member

  • Individual - $20

  • Family - $40

  • Business - $100

  • Major Donor - $500 or more

Or mail your check to: 

Cowee School 

51 Cowee School Rd.

Franklin, NC 28734

Our Mission


Cowee School shall serve all the people of Macon County through programs, classes, entrepreneurship development, entertainment, and recreational opportunities, and shall continue to be the center of the Cowee community. It will preserve and promote mountain and Cherokee Culture through classes and training in arts, crafts, cooking, food growing, harvesting, preparation and preserving, music, dance, oral tradition, and other skill unique to our area. The School will play a key rol in sharing mountain traditions with residents and visitors and passing those traditions on to area youth.

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